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December 12, 2017

Old School Fun This Holiday

I'm a big fan and supporter of technology and always encourage my daughters to use technology to learn new skills. That said, I also see a tremendous need to sometimes toss the tablet away.

I found the most ideal toy for kids that teaches new skills, all while spending quality time and having fun. It would make a great stocking stuffer, or activity to do while school's out.

These Easy-to-Build Wooden Toy Kits from Lee Valley Toys are the perfect activity for parents and kids to play and learn together. The kits come in a variety of vehicles/machinery types and teach kids how to build, read instructions and use a screwdriver. They also teach patience, because, as we know, this can be challenging!

The kits are geared at kids 8+, although Isabelle had a good time with her dad putting together the Fire Truck. Each piece comes pre-cut and sanded, and you just need to read the instructions and put together. Simple, right? Be warned, this is not a 5 minute activity. There are over 40 screws in the kit, and Isabelle tried to put each one in, all in herself. 

Kidding aside, I really liked that she could sit with her dad for an hour (I could have done it too, obviously), technology away, and build something tangible. Plus, how many kids know how to use a screwdriver these days? The kit comes with a mini one, perfect for little fingers.

And there's complete gender neutrality on this one -- the wood is plain. Not coloured. Both boys and girls would have fun building and constructing. And if you really wanted to add another element to the fun, I suppose they could paint or decorate their creation after they are done.

Most of all, I like that this is old school fun. I don't remember building my own car as a child, but Donny remembers building a car in shop class. This is a basic version of shop class, but it's building memories all at the same time. And without the bells and whistles (and LED lights and computer chips), this pared down toy reminds us that sometimes, simple is best.

The Easy-to-Build Wooden Toy Kits are $14.95 each, or buy a bundle of 5 for $59.50 at Lee Valley Tools. And, you're welcome.


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