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December 05, 2017

Review: DIY Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker

Do your kids love watching those chocolate egg videos on YouTube? Mine too. Both girls love chocolate eggs, and the little toys inside. Call me crazy, but I don't remember getting chocolate eggs on a regular basis when I was a kid....I digress.

When I learned about the Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker, I thought, now this is a toy I want to try.

The kit comes with detailed instructions, 4 packets of chocolate, foil wrapping, four plastic eggs and two egg molds. While heating your chocolate pack in hot water, you assemble your chocolate egg maker and hide a little toy or surprise in the plastic egg. Note, toys are NOT included.

Once the chocolate is melted, you snip the packet, pour it into the pump and start to fill your egg. Not exaggerating, I found this pretty neat. Since the mold is clear plastic, you can see the chocolate pouring down. Now, you need to work quickly because the chocolate will set fairly fast and make it difficult to push. 

Once the mold is full, it needs to sit in the freezer for 10 minutes (I waited 20) and then you can open it up and pull out your egg. Wrap with foil, or enjoy!

Here's what we liked about this toy:
  • cute concept, fun and quick activity with your kids 
  • detailed instructions
  • affordable price (anywhere from $14.97-$29.99)
Here's what I was a bit iffy about:
  • there are no toys included, so you'll need to scrounge around and find some to put into the eggs
  • the plastic egg remains in the egg. So you're essentially creating a chocolate wrap. If you're giving these eggs as GIFTS, you'll need to get the mold back!
  • once you finish the four packs of chocolate, you'll have to buy your own and melt it. This is not a deal breaker but an FYI
  • clean up wasn't entirely easy. The instructions say to soak in soapy water but it's difficult to get the chocolate out of the grooves, and it doesn't indicate if you can dishwash
All in all, it's a fun novelty gift that Isabelle really got a kick out of. And another thing to do on a rainy day or evening at home.


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