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December 14, 2017

Tribute to an Old Friend, PLUS Win One of the Hottest Toys of the Year!

Twenty plus years ago, I graduated from elementary school. Think back. Wayyyy back. I'm proud to say that some of my dearest friends today are my friends from way back when. When we rode our bikes on the road until the street lights came on. When we had home birthday parties with Fimo and painted sneakers. When we all went off, many to different high schools, and into the "real" world, full of opportunity and more challenges.

Think back to those elementary school friends. The boys and girls you grew up with. Maybe in that group, today you'll find a future teacher, doctor, real estate agent, journalist, lawyer, entrepreneur, engineer, and inventor. This is true for many of my friends. And today I want to highlight one of them. The inventor.

I have an old friend who's an inventor. AN INVENTOR. And by old, I mean long-time. Not only is she an inventor, and software engineer, and wife AND mom, she's also the brains behind one of the hottest toys of 2017. Her name is Natalie Rebot. We went to grade school together, where she had an enormous dog and a younger sister the same age as mine. And now she's taking the toy world by storm. Her invention -- Moonlite.

Have you heard of Moonlite yet? Moonlite is the device and app that turns your cell phone into a storybook projector. It was recently licensed to Spin Master, a Toronto toy giant. You may recall the 2016 Hatchimal madness -- yah, Spin Master was responsible for that. I backed Moonlite's Kickstarter way back in January 2017 and received our unit this fall. And my girls are hooked.

Moonlite is very easy to use. You clip the Moonlite projector onto your cell phone and insert a story reel. Open the app on your phone and read the story, following the directions to spin the reel. My kids were so excited to read the stories and couldn't get over the fact the stories were on the ceiling. We've read them over and over, and they do not get bored of them.

There are 12 stories in the collection, with more to come next year. There are some old-time favourites and depending on the pack you get, some newer stories as well. Moonlite is available at Target through the US and at Mastermind in Canada, both online and in stores.

And I'm so pumped to announce that 1 lucky person will have the chance to win a Moonlite Experience Pack. This package includes 1 Moonlite Projector and 2 story reels. To win, visit my Instagram post, tag 2 friends and tell me your favourite storybook to read to your kids.

ANDDDD as a special to all my followers, Moonlite has given me an EXCLUSIVE discount code valid until Dec 24! Use the discount code: SUPPA_MOONLITE to save 15% off any Moonlite puchase on

Watch this video to learn more about Moonlite and pick up the Winter edition of York Life Magazine to read my profile on Natalie!


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