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March 24, 2018

Mad About Marble Easter Eggs

DIY Marbled Eggs

I have really fond memories of making and decorating Easter Eggs with my mom. Specifically, when we were older, we would blow out the egg, dip them in different dyes and even add wax to make our own exquisite Ukrainian eggs. 

My girls are still a bit young to be handling blown out eggs, and even hard-boiled eggs for that matter, but that doesn't mean you can't create a beautiful egg that is toddler-friendly.

I'm not really a Pinterest mom, but often enough, I see something really neat that doesn't look too difficult or time-consuming. And I love a good craft. This time, it was marbled eggs - using shaving cream. I'm pretty mad about marble right now and love marble anything. Why wouldn't I love marbled Easter eggs?

For this craft, you'll need:
  • a can of white shaving cream (buy cheap)
  • plastic gloves (or your hands will be dyed)
  • eggs (I scored a dozen cardboard eggs at Walmart!)
  • food colouring
  • plastic tablecloth
  • parchment paper or aluminium tray
  • toothpick or skewer
First things first: cover your table and layer two pieces of parchment paper, or place your tray on top. Pour a generous amount of shaving cream and smooth it out if you like. Starting with 2 colours, drip some food colouring into the shaving cream and with the toothpick or skewer, swill around the colour. Don't over mix the colour.

Using gloves, roll the egg into the colourful swirls and out onto the side of the parchment. (I prefer the parchment because you can leave the eggs to dry instead of moving them.

diy art

Repeat with more colours. If the gloves are in the way, scrap them and get messy!


Shaving Cream


Allow the eggs to dry with the shaving cream for 20 minutes before taking a clean paper towel and wiping them to reveal a beautiful, colourful marbled egg. The coloured marble effect will differ depending on the colour you swirled the egg into.

Roll up the parchment and toss. No muss, no fuss.

Display and show off your beautiful marbled eggs! 


DIY Easter Eggs

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