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May 02, 2018

Easy Mother's Day DIY

Mother's Day is around the corner, and every year, the girls and I ambitiously make gifts for my mom, mother-in-law and grandmother. It's become a simple tradition that is always appreciated and really shows the growth of the kids over the years. We've done photos, handprints, footprints, garden stones, potted herbs, picture frames; I'm always on the hunt for an impressive DIY.

Last year, if I do say so, we knocked it out of the park with customized dish towels.

This DIY doesn't take a lot of time, isn't messy and can even be done as a last-minute gift. 

Here's what you'll need:

- plain white cotton dishtowels (You can also use bar rags)
- iron-on heat transfer paper that will work with a colour printer (available at craft stores)
- scanner or free scanner app on your phone (I use Tiny Scanner)
- markers and paper
- iron

To start this craft, ask your kids to draw a picture on plain white paper with colourful markers. Their job is done! If you're making more than one dishtowel, each one gets its own image. Then, scan your picture and flip it so it's a mirror image. You can do this on your phone or with a scanner. Print the scanned image directly onto heat transfer paper.
Trim around the heat transfer so there isn't too much transfer paper showing that isn't marked up. Place it onto the dishtowel, properly oriented and face up, and slowly and carefully run the iron along the image. Do not steam. Also, make sure you've protected the surface underneath.

Start to lift and peel away the transfer paper. Depending on the style you purchase you may have to allow the ironed image to cool before lifting, others allow you to lift while it's warm. Confirm the procedure on the back of the box.

Your finished dishtowels are revealed. Tie with twine or ribbon and present to Mom or Nonna this Mother's Day!


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