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July 24, 2018

Essential Summer Shoes and Sandals

It’s not surprising we’re already half-way through summer. It seems we wait for it all year, and it’s gone in the blink of an eye. You know what else disappears quickly? Summer sales. Now‘s the ultimate time to stock up on summer essentials at excellent prices, cause, realistically, we still have a couple of months of warm temps to go and lots of time to put these styles to work. I, for one, will not be purchasing a snowsuit in July. No way, no how.

Let’s talk footwear — I often find my best buys in the summer. When you’re shopping summer sales, it’s important to not only find a deal but also look for transitional items that you can use for a bit longer. Plus, if you’re planning a winter getaway, if you don’t buy them now, you’ll never find them later!

I’ve been wearing Skechers shoes for decades now, and honestly, this brand keeps getting better and better. Our whole family sports Skechers sneakers and shoes, but I’ve never tried Skechers sandals — and where have I been? The Skechers sandals have the same cushiony footbed as the sneakers but in a sandal format. And the wedge is perfect for summer BBQs, dinners out, and even touring. I wore these sandals for the first time on a trip to Ripley’s Aquarium downtown (aka LOTS of walking), and they were so comfortable, didn’t cause any blisters and didn’t even tire my feet. I love the interesting strap design, and they’re leather, too. 

My kids love their Twinkle Toes flip flops with the elastic ankle strap. We generally wear flip-flops wherever there’s water — the beach, the splash pad, swimming lessons. And these flip flops are easy to put on, have a soft foam wedge and even light up. The toe design can take a little getting used to, but overall, these have been a win for us this summer. 

When it comes to running shoes and sneakers, we buy different styles to serve different purposes; Skechers has thousands of styles in their stores and online, from Performance to Street Style and boy have these designs and styles improved over the years. 

I’m loving these new rose gold Skechers Street sneakers. They’re perfect for the outing where you need to be comfortable, but they’re also big on sleek style. Here’s the thing: gone are the days where street shoes just looked good but destroyed your feet. These Skechers street beauties support your feet and your look, too. 

And the same goes for kids’ sneakers, too. Our girls are loving these new S Lights Runners with a large velcro strap and no laces. They combine the ease and speed of a lace up or slip on with a traditional sneaker. And of course, the lights. We always need the lights. Back to School is around the corner; if you’re looking for runners that are parent-approved, school-approved and kid-approved — start at Skechers.

To win your very own pair of Skechers shoes (any style!), keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram to enter!

Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer!

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