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September 14, 2018

Support local artisans at Dove + Arrow

Guys, you know when I find something cool, I love to share it. I recently learned about this new-ish shop called Dove + Arrow in Oakville, that brings in all sorts of locally curated and created art and products. Totally unique and handmade. 

They sent me this little gift bag full of wonderful items -- this handmade silkscreened sign, a beautiful rose quartz bracelet, a Mom Fuel mug, a necklace, some paint, and this most delectable Peaches & Cream candle which smells HEAVENLY.  These are just some of the examples of items you can find in store.

The owner is dedicated to promoting and inspiring local makers, and even if you don't like to actually DIY, you can still fill your home with wonderful handmade pieces. 

But if you DO love DIY, guess what?! They even hold workshops! I'm so excited about this, I can't wait to take a class -- everything from blanket ladder DIY, to painting classes, pillow art and so much more. This #craftymom is giddy.

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