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November 07, 2018

Cozy in Risk

I wouldn't consider myself a risky person. If I had to describe my risk-tolerance level, I'd probably say I'm a play-it-safe, planner type. I usually weigh my odds before jumping into a situation, research before I travel (right down to the restaurants), and I'm fairly obedient.

But it takes a major event to challenge your positioning. In the last year, after having my world flipflop, I've developed the ability to take a risk. I won't say it's easy. And it's scary. But it's also exhilarating.

I've done quite a bit of reading this year on successful business leaders and CEOs, and one of the similar qualities they all share -- they're all risk-takers. The take leaps of faith, trust their gut, jump in with two feet and they say yes.

So I started doing the same. Trusting my instinct, saying yes to a lot of projects and opportunities, taking leaps. The result has been a very busy month, with me wondering at times if I'm making the right decisions.

So I smiled when, during an oracle card reading, my card said "Cozy in Risk". The universe is telling me I'm where I need to be, and doing what I need to be doing. Now, you may not follow oracle cards, or believe in a divine universe or destiny, and that's fine. But I'm going to trust my gut on this one.

And maybe take a few more risks along the way.

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