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November 14, 2018

Hump Day with Hasbro #holidaywishes2018

One of the first brands to support me and my blog was Hasbro. Years ago, when I was a newbie blogger, I reviewed my first Elmo and I was hooked. Fast forward and my girls can recognize the Hasbro logo on toy boxes everywhere. 

It gives me much joy to reprise my Hump Day with Hasbro gift ideas as a regular feature in my Holiday Wishes 2018 Gift Guide. Every Wednesday you'll get some new ideas and recognizable favourites for all the littles (and big kids) on your list. 

Up first...Poo. And Play-Doh. It's the Play-Doh Poop Troop. 

Poo emojis, poo stuffies, poo stickers have been all the rage the last few year and Poop Troop is an extension of the trend. So, you make poo out of Play-Doh. That's the jist. And then you add funny accessories and limbs and eyes. 

And you laugh. 

All four of us played with Poop Troop for over an hour and the kids were in stitches because we kept talking about poo. Is it silly? Totally. Is it fun? Absolutely.

Will it be a great gift? Undoubtedly. 

And at $19.99 CAN, it's affordable, too. Available at most toy stores.

Here's to making a good poo. Yes, I went there.

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