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November 21, 2018

Hump Day with Hasbro: Nerf Blasters for Kids of All Ages

Nerf Blasters have come a LONG way over the years in terms of size and technology. And if you take a trip to your nearest toy store, you'll quickly notice there are a LOT of options. Blasters for youngsters, older kids, big kids (like hubby!), ones that shoot lasers, or darts, or large pellet-type balls. They've improved so much over the years, the accuracy on shots is much more precise, they blast FAST and they all feature a different technology, like motorized speed-load technology or the ability to build and add on to your blaster to make it a super mega blaster.

Let me be honest here. I'm pretty anti-gun. I don't support guns or violence and don't even like action movies. I know. But these are toys and let me tell you, these are pretty fun. That's why I think if and when we use these blasters with children, it's important to remind them that "real guns" are not toys and are very dangerous. Even still, when playing with our blasters, kids need to remember not to shoot near the face or sensitive areas.

Nerf Blasters are each aged individually, so if you're purchasing for the holidays, ensure you're buying the best blaster for your child, and you may want to purchase extra darts/balls as they do shoot pretty far and fast. And while the ones I've photographed are big and scary, with names like Thunderhawk and Rival and Infinus, there are starter blasters for little ones, too. These ones are reserved for me and hubby, though, and when the weather warms up this spring, we'll be putting them to good use!

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Disclaimer: I am a Hasbro VIB and was sent product to test. All opinions on my blog are my own.


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