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January 25, 2019

An Improv Game of Life?

In Drama class, when we studied improvisation, the number one rule was saying 'yes'. It allowed the game to continue and for more stories and worlds to unfold. As soon as you said 'no' to the proposition presented to you, it closed the door and ultimately, ended the game. 

This got me thinking: what if you treat life as a game of improv? What if you said yes to every opportunity, every risk, every experience? 

I mean, part of me thinks that's completely stupid and irrational. But another part of me thinks it's pretty exciting. You never know what's behind the door if you don't open it. (And at the same time, if you open it, you don't know what awaits you).

I've become somewhat of a 'yes' person. And interestingly enough, it's opened my world to many new experiences and opportunities. (I still refuse to go on roller coasters, which, I'm sure most people would tell me are exhilarating.)

I'm curious to see where my readers and followers fit in. Do you say yes to some, most, all opportunities that present themselves? All invites, all propositions? What do you think life would be like if you eliminated 'no'?

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