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January 02, 2019

My 2019 Knapsack

As we start a new year, what are some things you always have at your disposal? Items that not only help you but also motivate you, inspire you, make you happy?

Here's what's in my 2019 Knapsack:

- My camera. It doesn't matter what kind of camera or phone you have, but the point is to capture. Collect. Create. Tell Stories.

- Sunglasses. They not only protect my eyes but also remind me to see the world through various lenses. Sunglasses also remind me of the beach, which is one of my favourite places -- and on the bucket list this winter.

- A book. Read what makes you happy and what causes you to get lost in the pages. I'm currently reading Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell.

- Something You Believe in -- Healing Crystals. It's rare to find me without crystals on me or near me. My crystals help guide me through many decisions and give me understanding and peace. If you're not into crystals, perhaps a medallion, or a cross or something that gives you hope.

- A blanket or scarf. For warmth, fashion, or to hide a spill.

- A planner/notebook and pen. As much as I'm striving to "go with the flow", realistically, I need to jot down notes and dates and ideas. And even though I do a LOT of work online, I still use a physical planner.

- Something pretty. It can be anything, but something that makes you smile. I likely won't be lugging my gold jack with me, but it sits near me most days. Other pretty things that make me happy: a painting, my new luna lamp, a plant, a motivational sign. It's not the object, it's the feeling.

- Practicality. I include my new adorable pineapple lip balm to remember to be practical sometimes and keep my lips moist. Missing from the shot: my Swell water bottle, cause hydration is not only important, it's necessary.

- A snack with a message. I have my KIND bars everywhere. They're a great snack in a pinch, and they remind me to be kind and to do something good for others. I've literally handed KIND bars out to people in line at shops, on the street, and even added them to a few charity causes I support like The Purse Project. My KIND bars remind me to snack, keep myself nourished and to be kind to others.

So that's my 2019 carry-on. What are some important items you're carrying with you through 2019?

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