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March 26, 2019

DIY Marble Coasters

Marbled surfaces and decor have been extremely popular over the last few years, in everything from countertops to table tops, clothing and jewellery. While sophisticated, authentic marble or stone can be very costly, especially for decorative items. 


Here is a REALLY simple DIY (and kid-friendly!) to make marble-inspired coasters. It takes minutes, yes, minutes, and would make a really cool Mother's Day or Spring craft. For this project, you'll need a package of plain coasters. I found this 4 pack of cork coasters at the dollar store. You'll also need an acrylic plate (3 colours) and a paper plate or aluminium tray. That's it. 
Decide what colour the base of your coaster will be. We went with white. Fill your plate or small tray with white acrylic paint -- one plate per person. Then, add your second and third paint colour to the mix, but don't mix. If you like, you can swirl the colours with a toothpick, but we didn't.

Very carefully, dip each coaster into the paint mixture and give it a slight turn. Carefully lift it and rest it. Repeat.

Each coaster will look different, depending on where you've dripped paint, and then, where you've swirled.

Allow the coasters to fully dry before adding a varnish or clear coat (photos were taken before this step). Tie a little ribbon and you have a beautiful and impressive marbled DIY! 

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