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May 14, 2019

Canada's Wonderland is now OPEN!

It feels weird saying this weekend -- Victoria May, aka May 2-4 -- is the unofficial start to summer when I'm still wearing my winter coat. 

Alas, it's true, and I'm super excited. Not about the winter coat though! 

The Victoria Day long weekend has always been somewhat of a calendar marker for our family -- the dance season ends for the year, we plant our flowers, we gather with friends, perhaps BBQ, and catch the fireworks at Canada's Wonderland.

In case you didn't realize, Canada's Wonderland is already in full swing -- and now's the best time to get your season's pass if you haven't done so, because prices go up May 20. 
There are a few really exciting new additions to the park this year, including the much anticipated Yukon Striker, the longest, tallest and fastest dive roller coaster in the world, that features a 90-degree drop into an underwater tunnel plus a 360-degree loop, the first ever for a dive coaster.

Will you see me on Yukon Striker? 

Not likely. It terrifies me from the ground, thank you very much. 

But I will definitely be taking in Celebration Canada, the annual Taste Festivals, Halloween Haunt and WinterFest.

Wait, WinterFest? 

Yes, it's true! For the first time, Canada's Wonderland will be open for a new Winter Adventure, and you can enjoy all the events, all the attractions and all the festivities with the brand new GOLD pass, which gives you all the benefits of the regular season pass, plus unlimited Halloween Haunt and WinterFest. 

Call me crazy, but I'm super excited about WinterFest. That is, after we have a very long, very hot summer at Canada's Wonderland. 
Check out the website to buy your season pass right NOW.

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Disclaimer: I am a member of the WonderCrew, and receive special perks as a part of this affiliation. As always, the opinions on my blog are my own.

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