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May 03, 2019

Do your kids love miniatures?

Do your kids love miniatures? You know, teeny tiny little toys with accessories? Because my girls certainly do. And you know what? I always did, too. And from collectables to crystals to fairy gardens, I still love playing with tiny toys.

As a parent, once you get over all the small pieces that may get lost (obviously do not play with these around very young children and babies), tiny toys can offer hours of creative play without taking up too much room. Plus, they're easy to pack, store, and travel with.

The girls and I had the chance to learn and play with one of the newest toys around -- Ritzy Rollerz. 

Ritzy Rollerz are little funky cars with cute faces and removable hubcaps. You can collect all the cars, and interchange the caps depending on the design you want. And the trunk of every Ritzy Roller opens up for easy and convenient storage, so, in theory, your hubcaps won't get lost.

Of course, there are many styles in the collection, along with two-packs, called Besties and a larger Ritzy Rollerz "caravan" to stow away your smaller vehicles. I love the unique names: Helena Heelz, Donut Dani, Penelope Paris, but especially love it when kids can interact with a simple toy and use their imaginations to create a story through play.

Ritzy Rollerz are available at Toys R Us in Canada, and are very affordable, starting at $6.99, so they make great birthday gifts too. I'm giving away a playset on my Instagram, so head over there and enter!

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