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June 08, 2019

10 Things to Do This Weekend in the GTA

Julia at Woodbine Beach

It looks like we have a beautiful weekend of weather ahead! Finally. 

Here are 10 things you can do to enjoy the weekend in and around the GTA to enjoy the temps.

Visit a "Toronto" Beach

Toronto Beaches for Families

Last year, we took some time to explore the city (we've never really done that -- such Suburbans), and we took a beautiful walk along Woodbine Beach. The water will likely be too cold to go swimming, but a stroll around the water is good for the soul. There are a few "Toronto beaches" (as Isabelle calls them), so park your car, take transit and enjoy a walk.

Plant Something

Grow a Perennial GardenIt's a great weekend to get into the garden, if you haven't done so already. And if you collect perennials like I do, it's also a good time to hit up a market or a garden centre to add to your collection. 

Easy Picnic Ideas

Have a Picnic in the Park

This is a favourite for my kids, and it's pretty stinkin' simple. I hard boil some eggs, cut some veggies, throw in some cold cuts, grab a blanket and off we go. You can also bring said picnic, to your walk on the beach!

Feed the Ducks (or just watch them)

Feed the Ducks at Port Credit
There are many, many, many small lakes and rivers where ducks hang out. In York Region, Too Good Pond in Unionville is a fave, as is Fairy Lake in Newmarket. We also caught up with the ducks and swans in Port Credit last year. Obey the signage, as some towns and cities do not allow duck feeding. 

Take a Swan Ride

Canadas Wonderland
At Canada's Wonderland, of course. Or a big roller coaster if that's more your thing. This is going to be a stellar weekend at the park, and Splash Works is also open! Pack your sunscreen, wear your comfy shoes and enjoy the day -- we may see you there!

Local Festivals and Fairs

Find a Festival

There are so many markets and festivals around; it just takes a little bit of googling. We've already hit up Kensington Market for their Pedestrian Sundays (all dates online), but we plan on exploring a few more this summer.

Newmarket Main Street

Butter Tart Festival

Speaking of festivals, the famous Butter Tart Festival is on in Midland this weekend. If you love butter tarts, and don't mind the crowds, this is the place to be -- and I hope to be there! 

But if Midland is too far, visit The Maid's Cottage in Newmarket -- they make an excellent tart. 

Newmarket Main Street

Town of Newmarket

Speaking of Newmarket, it's probably York Region's most eclectic community, and the aforementioned Fairy Lake and Newmarket Main Street are some of my favourite places in the Region. Visit the Dinosaur Park, check out the farmer's market, bring the bathing suits and splash at Riverwalk Commons. Grab a drink or lunch on a patio and play tourist in the community!

Roadtrip to Niagara 

NIagara on the LakeIf you really want to play tourist, take a road trip to Niagara or Niagara-on-the-Lake. If you can get theatre tickets, that's cool, otherwise, walk, have ice cream, a cup of tea or chill out in the park. There are also many, many wineries along the Escarpment, through Vineland and Jordan. Visit one or two, take a tour or enjoy a tasting. Many wineries also have restaurants, so you can enjoy the vineyard for a longer period of time. Donny and I got engaged in NOTL so it brings us a lot of great memories. 

Wineries in Niagara


Woodbridge Festivals
If you're staying close to home, and you have a pet, Woofapalooza is on this weekend in the City of Vaughan. We hit up this festival every year, to hang out with fellow dog owners, meet some vendors and see what's new for the pooch. Sunday from 10-4 at the Woodbridge Fairgrounds.

That's 10! I have many, many more ideas, but I'll save those for another day!

Enjoy the weekend and let me know what you thought of my list!

What are your favourite things to do on a sunny weekend?

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  1. You had me at butter tart festival!

  2. Butter tarts! I wish I lived closer! But, I can do a lot of these things where I live, so I think I'm going to get in the garden this weekend! Thanks for the reminder to get at it!

  3. An entire festival for butter tarts! That sounds wonderful!


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