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June 11, 2019

Houseplants You Won't Kill

ZZ Plant growing

Do you kill houseplants? 

I have been a homeowner for 10 years, and if you would have told me, 10 years ago, that not only could I keep a plant alive, but I would have a collection of them, I would have scoffed and told you you were nuts.

But it's true. I have somehow amassed a bunch of houseplants, and despite many odds against me -- not a lot of light or sunshine,  not knowing much about plants, forgetting to water, a busy schedule -- not only are the plants growing, but they're thriving. Don't get me wrong -- I have killed my share of plants over the years, but that's because they weren't the right plants for me, and our home. 

Houseplants are actually great for your home; they help purify the air, reduce airborne dust levels, plus they look good and add some decorative touches through your space. 

So here's my list of easy-to-grow, low-maintenance houseplants you won't kill. Of course, there are many, many more, but I've run out of windows!

The Money Tree

Easy to Grow HouseplantsThe Money Tree was one of the first plants we bought 10 years ago. And honestly, it struggled until maybe 2 years ago. We likely potted it in a pot that was too big and we shocked the poor plant. But once we figured out that it needed cactus soil, decent light and to have moist soil, it has done well and has lots of new shoots. 


Easy to Grow Houseplants

This baby Pothos is brand new to our home but is known as a foolproof plant that will survive many conditions: shade, lack of water, a bit of neglect. Pothos come in different leaf styles, but I like this pretty variegated variety. They are known as a trailer plant and will grow down and hang from shelves.

Peace Lily

Easy to Grow Houseplants
Peace Lilies are pretty simple to keep; water them and they'll grow. They don't need too much light but are happy with indirect sunshine. Every so often a shoot will pop up with a small white flower. Mine is looking a bit sad right now, but I'm not concerned, as once you give it a bit more love, it'll perk up and be back to normal. Word of caution: keep these out of reach of dogs, as they are toxic and away from cats altogether. BONUS: a Peace Lily isn't a "real" lily, so it doesn't have a pungent smell. 

The ZZ Plant

Easy to Grow Houseplants
You've likely seen a ZZ Plant (real or artificial) in magazine ads and on social media. It's a popular plant that's perfect for beginners. Keep the soil moist and well-drained and ZZ will continue to shoot up new branches with shiny, waxy leaves. Does well in part-sun conditions. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Easy to Grow HouseplantsAnother popular plant among Instagrammers and designers alike is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. Fiddle Leafs are fast growers that need a lot of bright light. I had to move mine to my bedroom, as it wasn't thriving on the main level. But every so often, it'll shoot out a shiny leaf that will grow into a large and flat paddle-shaped leaf. I water my fiddle when I see it super dry, and I give it a good watering until water seeps out into the tray. If the leaves start to yellow, don't panic, I just simply prune and move on. It's not as difficult as it looks!

Easy to Grow HouseplantsBut if smaller plants are more your jam, start with a baby fiddle leaf -- which I just picked up this spring!

Those are my top 5 right now -- but here are a few others that you can start adding to your home:

The Orchid

flowers in your homeYou can find orchids at most supermarkets and flower shops -- they make great hostess gifts and are beautiful when in bloom. Keep them by a window with lots of light and water every 1-2 weeks, allowing the water to run through. Don't let it sit in water. They will bloom at least once a year but will require some fertilizing and pruning. 


Succulents in your homeA lot of people use succulents in the garden but forget about them at home. They're basically cacti -- meaning, they don't need a lot of water. Give it a little drink every now and again, and enjoy. Succulents give really cool texture to your home. 


Easy to Grow HouseplantsAnother easy grower is aloe. It doesn't need a lot of water, but will look for light -- as mine is. Prune dead stems (we need to do this), and you'll have a really cool looking plant, plus, be ready in case of a burn!

Airplants, Cactus & Moss

Easy to Grow Houseplants
Ironically, they're supposed to be the most simple to keep alive, but I struggle the most with moss and airplants. GIve a spritz of water once a week, or soak for a few hours if you forget and they're supposed to stay alive! I'm still working on these babies.

Still concerned? OK -- I have another trick up my sleeve. The Plant Nanny!

The Plant Nanny is a clay spike that is buried into the plant's soil and helps seep water into the plant, keeping it moist and hydrated. There are many different plant nannies, and some people swear by putting a water bottle/beer bottle upside down and it'll do the same thing. I'm a fan of this pretty turquoise globe. When it's empty, I know my plant is hungry, I fill it up and done. Easy peasy.

Plant Helpers

I have linked a few similar products on Amazon. Note, I am an affiliate and will receive commissions with certain purchases. Thank you in advance for your support.

So, what do you think? Wanna give it a go?

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  1. You wrote this for me, right? I have such a black thumb. Plus, I share my house with my daughter's family and the part I live in doesn't have a lot of light. A few years ago I received a peace lily when my sister in law died and am pretty shocked that I've kept it alive this long but you're right. It's easy peasy to grow. The leaves start to droop slightly and I water it. Other than that, it just sits there looking pretty. Thanks for the other suggestions. Maybe my peace lily can have a friend or two.


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