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June 06, 2019

Mourning Has Broken & Reclaiming Joy -- an Interview with Erin Davis

Reclaiming Joy by Erin Davis

This is me, taking a selfie, in front of two of Canada's most prized broadcasters, who also happen to be two of my idols. On the left, CTV's Beverly Thompson, who is as lovely as she is articulate. And on the right? That's Erin Davis, radio personality, and now the author of a best selling book, Mourning Has Broken, doing the bunny ears over my head.

Pinch me. 

Earlier this week, I had the honour of producing Reclaiming Joy, a talk with Erin Davis about her new book, and the roller coaster that has been her life these last few years. On Mother's Day in 2015, Erin and Rob's only daughter, Lauren, went to sleep after spending her first Mother's Day with her baby boy and husband, and never woke up. As Erin says, it was Lauren's first Mother's Day, and Erin's last. Lauren was only 24 years old. 

Since then, Erin left her job at CHFI, and together with Rob, sold their home and cottage and relocated to British Columbia. Earlier this year, she, along with Harper-Collins released Mourning Has Broken, which is available at most bookstores, and online. 

I don't quite know how they get through it, or how Erin continues to inspire others through their immeasurable loss. But she does. And earlier this week, she gave two most beautiful interviews, tributes really, to her daughter's life, but also to others who have lost and gone on to reclaim their joy. 

Erin Davis, joined by Julia Suppa, Mike Cooper and Allan Bell

Joined by her radio and "dancing partner" Mike Cooper in the afternoon chat, and then Bev Thompson in the evening, Erin validated what many in the audience had likely felt or experienced: the feelings of heartbreak and giving up, anger and frustration, the comfort in finding "signs" and finding the strength to smile, laugh and live again. 

I hope to never know or experience what Erin and Rob have, but I thank them for reaching into their souls and telling this story. I can only imagine how many people it has helped already, and will continue to do so.

Erin Davis at Reclaiming Joy

Erin doesn't anticipate moving back to Ontario -- that chapter of her life is closed -- but she will be back to visit, and to support the Markham Stouffville Hospital with future events, like the Celebration of Hope, a breast cancer luncheon where we sing and dance and raise lots of money for yet another great cause. I look forward to seeing you there, Erin. 

The proceeds from Reclaiming Joy went to support Bereavement Care and Spiritual Healing at Markham Stouffville Hospital. To donate, visit the hospital's website

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  1. I can't imagine...I just can't. Such strength and grace and...bad assery, if you will. Thanks for posting!


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