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June 04, 2019

Why a Dog is Good if you Work From Home

Nine years ago today, we became parents to our first baby -- our fur baby -- Rex. Donny and I always knew we wanted a dog when we got married, especially if we had kids, and so, less than one year into marriage, we had a little family.

A little back story: when I was a young child, I was petrified of most animals. If a dog came near me, I would tense up, potentially run, scream, climb on tables. For my 10th birthday, my parents got me a dog -- Lacey. We also went through some training and learned how to care for this little Bichon Frise, which was a breed selected for us. 

Fast forward a couple of dogs and decades later, and we have Rex. He is a funny guy -- an Alpha Male but a cuddly teddy. He's sneaky and kind, and while we've noticed he's become slower as he ages, he can still outrun all of us. 

There are many noted benefits to having a dog, as a single person, for kids, for companies, for overall health. It's no secret that dogs and pets are a lot of work. But, as an entrepreneur and someone who works from home, having a dog may be just what you need:

They Provide Company

Quite simply, they provide company. Working from home can involve long, lonely hours in front of a computer. A dog will come up and curl beside you, or sit at your feet, or rest on the sofa or pillow. Just their presence alone is comforting.

Security and a Watchful Eye/Ear

Dogs can hear and see things before a human can. Rex isn't exactly a guard dog, but he is very much protective of us and our home. If someone comes to the door, I know about it. And if you get a lot of deliveries, like I do, this is an added comfort. When I was on maternity leave, I was more at ease knowing that the dog would bark if someone came nearby.

They Remind You to Get Up

You don't need a fancy watch when you have a dog. Every hour or so, Rex is at my feet wanting attention or needing to go outside. This forces me to get up, get a drink of water, stretch my legs, refocus my eyes. If your dog needs/wants long walks every day, another perfect excuse to exercise during a lunch/afternoon break.

They Genuinely Love You

This is true whether you work from home or not, but a dog genuinely loves you. And if you pop out for a meeting or event, they are always waiting for you when you get home and are genuinely happy to see you.

Do you work from home and have a pet? Why/why not?

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  1. I looooooove my dogs at home with me. I typically have one in my office with me and the other lurking outside the door. They actually let me know when I'm getting sick, because they will both be in my office. Very weird. And...they make me walk it reminds me to move my body during computer days. YAY DOGGIES!

  2. I work from home with no pet. I love dogs and can’t wait to get another one but the timing is off for us right now!


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