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July 09, 2019

Easy Summer Dinner, Snack or Entertaining Hack

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"Mommy, are we eating chips and dip for dinner!?"
"Yes, we are! Who's the coolest mommy?!"

This was our dinner dialogue the other night. Drake's not the only one who wants the chips with the dip. Only our dip was hummus, and our chips were pita crackers and root chips, but who's keeping track? Not my kids.

Mom win.

Summer is supposed to be a bit more relaxing than the school year, right? I don't know about your families, but ours is always running from camp to the park, to baseball and BBQs. We do all the things, and while we LOVE it, sometimes, making a full dinner is not in the cards.

I "made" this dinner in just a few minutes -- with the help of our favourite Summer Fresh hummus. Summer Fresh is known for their hummus; chickpeas are the first ingredient and there are no added preservatives-- but you don't have to tell your kids that.

Simply chop up some veggies, add your favourite "chips" and let everyone go to town. You can even add some fruit and meat options if you want to your spread, and voila, you have a family-style dinner that you can pick at as a snack, or treat as a full meal. Our board was clear in 20 minutes flat.

Planning or attending a summer BBQ, a picnic or a beach day? Have a hummus crudites platter out for guests when they arrive or offer to bring this impressive spread to your friend's place. Did I mention you can do this all for less than $20??

The Summer Fresh hummus also packs up really easily -- the containers are stackable and the prep for this spread is basically nil. So in between your dips in the poor or in the lake, you can crunch and munch on some crackers and hummus, guilt-free. If you're grabbing everything on the way to the lake or the party, the hummus is available in the refrigerated deli section of most grocery stores.

And if you REALLY want to be the hero for your kids and your friends, Dessert Hummus will get people talking. Pair it with fresh Ontario berries, or serve it up in little shot glasses topped with a dollop of whipped cream. People won't know what to think -- is it chocolate? Is it hummus? Guess what -- it's both. And it's so addictively good. The ultimate entertaining hack.

Summer Fresh Dessert Hummus also makes a great afternoon snack -- curb your chocolate craving and get some protein in at the same time. And your kids will hardly know the difference. Bonus.

Sometimes, moms and dads need to be creative when it comes to quick meals or snacks our families will enjoy. What's your favourite dinner hack?

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. As always, the opinions on my blog are my own.

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