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November 20, 2019

Hump Day with Hasbro -- Baby Alive Littles

When I started this blog nearly 8 years ago (I know!), one of the very first companies to support me was Hasbro. From our very first Elmo and bath toys to our dolls and Star Wars memorabilia and board games, our family has grown together with Hasbro toys and games. 

That's why I'm super excited to bring back my annual Hump Day with Hasbro feature, where I showcase the latest and our favourite toys and games, stocking stuffers and more just in time for the holidays. And keep your eyes peeled -- cause there's always a giveaway or two before the holidays.

The first Hasbro toys I'm dying to tell you about: Baby Alive Littles. (Note: this post contains affiliate links)

I knew, way back in early October, when I met Baby Alive Littles at a Hasbro event, that my girls would LOVE them. And was I ever right. 

Isabelle and Madeline already love Baby Alive signature dolls -- I think we have 4 in our collection --  but Littles are, you guessed it, smaller. They're easy to carry around, feature a soft body and adorable little accessories. 

Sold as an individual doll with a carry strap (Carry 'n' Go), or as a set with a stroller (Push 'n' Kick Stroller), Baby Alive Littles are a great first doll for boys and girls, or in our case, welcome members of our very full doll family. 
They are absolutely portable; the stroller folds up easily and the dolls can fit nicely into a small backpack or tote bag. This is a plus for a mom who is constantly carting dolls in and out of the car. 

Things to note: Littles are simple, adorable dolls. There are very few bells and whistles, they don't pee or poop or talk (and that's just fine for me!). The stroller is about 2.5 feet tall; it may be small for some older kids, but the entire toy is mini, so it works. 

Baby Alive Littles come with different hair colours and skin tones, and with a price point of $20 (Canadian) for the doll alone or $35 for the doll with the double stroller, this toy gets a big thumbs up in affordability from me. 

Needless to say, the girls approve, too. With funky clothes, cool accessories, sweet faces and legs that move back and forth when they're pushed, Baby Alive Littles are sure to bring some happiness to your kids this holiday. 

Thanks, Hasbro.

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Disclaimer: We received these products to review for the blog. As always, the opinions expressed on Simply Suppa are my own.

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