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December 16, 2019

CRUNCH TIME -- Stretchy Sand & Foam Alive

OK -- We are less than 10 days away -- CRUNCH TIME for the holidays.

Don't worry -- I've got you covered with lots of ideas for stocking stuffers, givebacks & charitable initiatives and even giveaways! Still lots of time!

If your kids like slime, they will absolutely LOVE Stretchy Sand and Foam Alive. Stretchy Sand is just what it sounds like -- sand that you can pull and stretch and thin out. It doesn't fall like sand and the mess is a little bit more manageable.

And Foam Alive is even cooler (IMO). It's a solid that starts to move in your fingertips so it looks like it's alive. Mould it, shape it, squeeze it and watch it come to life like magic. This one is a bit messier but pretty easy to clean up.

To win a Stretchy Slime & Foam Alive gift set, visit my Instagram!

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