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December 04, 2019

Hump Day with Hasbro -- Star Wars D-O

Hands up if you have a Star Wars fan in your house. Double hands up if you had a remote control something as a kid...and loved it.

When Hasbro sent me the D-O remote-controlled droid, the biggest kid in the house was super excited. D-O is a droid character from the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. He does 360 spins and moves in all directions as he beeps and bops. 

Not only did Donny enjoy playing with D-O, so did the girls. The controller is easy to navigate and D-O moves quickly and smoothly. The toy is very responsive to the remote control without any lag. He does tip at times, but if you pick him back up, he's back in action. 

And of course, for Donny, there's that nostalgic feeling of driving a remote control toy again. Good times.

 D-O would be a great gift for the Star Wars fans, big and little alike. Available online or at major toy stores.

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