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March 18, 2020

2 Years! Wow! + SPECIAL OFFER

I'm officially in the "I don't know what day it is" zone. Anyone else?!

As a content creator, it has been a fairly "fluid" and often chaotic few days....and it's only Wednesday! There is so much information being offloaded at rapid rates, and it's changing all.the.time.

I've been reading and watching, watching and reading and staying in touch with all of my clients, planning our next steps in this unchartered world.

And I totally forgot today was my anniversary -- my business anniversary, that is! 2 years ago today -- March 18 -- I took a big leap and incorporated my own business -- Suppa Media Inc.

To say I've learned a lot in 2 years is an understatement -- geez, I've learned so much in the last two weeks. Truthfully, as an entrepreneur, I have developed skills I never knew I had, from bookkeeping to video editing and finessed skills like content development, strategy, writing and video production. Believe it or not, I've never regretted starting my own business. I've actually considered starting other businesses, too. It's pretty addictive.

What I've loved most about what I do is helping people, namely, other businesses, tell their stories, enhance their social presence and effectively use content strategies to bring awareness to their company, brand, promotions, etc.

And so, in honour of my 2nd anniversary, and in the spirit of generosity and kindness amidst a confusing state, I'd like to help you. Maybe you want help with your social channels, or you want to add video to your platforms. Perhaps you need assistance with writing blog posts and email newsletters, or how to consolidate all the ideas into a plan of action.

Leave me a comment and we'll set aside some time to chat --if only to remind you that even in this time of self-isolation, community is not only important, it's vital.

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