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March 04, 2020

This is 38

Julia Suppa poses at Vogue Studios
Photo: Silvana Marshall Photography

This is 38.

In honour of my 38th Birthday, here are 38 things, in random order, you may not know about me:

1. True to my Pisces qualities, I love being near water, yet I can’t swim
2. I’ve been to every province (by car!) except for Newfoundland (on the list)
3. I have loved cameras since I was a kid
4. I was a Provincial Finalist in the Sears Drama Festival in High School
5. I was student council president
6. I had braces — twice
7. I’ve worn glasses since I was 10
8. My shoe size is 6.5, and yes, they’ve gotten bigger since having kids!
9. I’m shoe obsessed but don’t own any fancy designer shoes
10. I’m the oldest of all my cousins
11. I had Isabelle a month before I turned 30
12. Donny and I met at Money Nightclub
13. I’ve never been to Las Vegas
14. I love numerology
15. I believe in angels
16. I want to visit a crystal mine (my parent took us to Thunder Bay as kids and I have a piece of amethyst, but I’d like to go again!)
17. I enjoy a good project — a reno, planning an event, creating something
18. I don’t like bugs
19. I enjoy mindless television
20. I don’t have a favourite movie
21. I don’t have any music on my phone
22. I find cooking very cathartic
23. I’m a messy person
24. I never thought it would happen, but I enjoy gardening and plant keeping!
25. Makeup makes me happy
26. I won’t ever... skydive 🪂 At least, I don’t think I would
27. I don’t have any tattoos
28. If I wasn’t a journalist, I don’t know what I’d be: a gemologist, a florist, a chiropractor?
29. One of my videos hit over a million views on TikTok!
30. Some of my closest friends date back to elementary school, and one, kindergarten!
31. I wear VERY strong contact lenses
32. I love Asian cuisine
33. I do not like dim lighting — turn on the lights!!
34. I have loud goals and quiet goals — you’ll know when I hit them
35. I’ve been talking to imaginary audiences since I was a kid and had my own “cooking show”; then hosted actual television shows for 10+ years
36. I swear
37. I absolutely love taking photos and working with photographers — plus I always learn so much in the process
38. Kindness inspires me 

There you go! 

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