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April 28, 2020

"Leave the Bushy Brows", Pro Suggests

Hi, my names is Julia and I'm guilty of over-plucking, over waxing, over threading and even shaving my eyebrows. Yes, I know.

And like many of you out there, my brows are also suffering from Covid-19 neglect -- they're bushier and hairier and fuller than ever before. And I'm using this time to try and correct my past brow blunders.

Last month, the week before our world changed (it feels like last year!), I went for my first ever brow tint and shape with B Beautiful in Toronto. I've had my brows shaped before, of course, but never really learned about my arches and why my hairs stick up in some places and not in others.  

Truthfully, I've been shaping (or misshaping, as it were) my own brows for a few years now. I found that my hair was growing so fast and I couldn't properly time waxing or threading. Plus, doing it myself was much more cost-effective. Only, I was off-balance, crooked and not maintaining the proper shape of brow for my face. So, after a crash course with Brittni, I learned about the arch I wanted to achieve. And then Covid-19 hit.

I'm sure millions of women have taken to DIY brow shaping and waxing, much like they've taken to DIY haircuts. I turned to the pro for advice, 'cause I didn't want to undo the work she had just done.

Here's her advice:

Let your brows grow.

What!? What about those little ones practically on my eyelid, I asked.

Specifically, Brittni gave me a few pointers, if I MUST tweeze:
  1. Stay away from your brow shape, tail and arch
  2. Stay 1 cm away from the brow shape
  3. Don't trim yourself. If you have to, only trim the ones that are really grown out -- not the whole brow
  4. The best option is NOT TO TOUCH
Point taken. So, for now, I'll have bushy brows, until we are released from self-isolation or until they drive me crazy enough -- whichever comes first. And I can say that a lot of those patchy areas are actually filling it!

I can't promise I won't touch completely, but at least I have some tips so I don't go tweezer happy, cause we all know how easy that is!

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