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April 02, 2020

One Day, This Will Be a Memory

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One day, this will all be a memory.

One day, we will say to our kids, "Do you remember that time we couldn't leave the house because of a very scary virus that was making many, many people sick?"

One day, the kids will go back to school. The shops will re-open. The independent business owners will, once again, make money to support their families (I hope). We will be able to hug again.

One day, we'll look at the crafts, the workbooks, the social media posts, the blog posts and remember.

One day, the word "COVID-19" will make it into a textbook, a business plan, a contract.

One day.

One day, I hope we look back and remember that we did our best. That we tried to stay calm, patient, positive, and happy.

One day, I want to be proud I helped others in need, acted responsibly and with kindness.

One day, that curve we keep talking about will flatten, and one day, we may be able to get back to our "regular" lives.

If only.

One day.

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