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July 06, 2020

Give the Girls the Power Tools

Give the girls the power tools, will you? 

At the beginning of 2020, I set a goal to do things I had never done (or hadn’t done in a long time). 

Fast forward and we’re halfway through 2020 — and thanks to COVID — the adventures have been somewhat lacking.

Learning and using more power tools has been a goal of mine for a bit — I never took woodworking in school or did a lot of handy jobs growing up, so I didn’t really have a reason to learn how to use drills and saws, etc. I once used an electric saw when I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, and while I was definitely scared, I finished the day exhilarated!

This weekend I used a pressure washer. I know, not exactly a scary piece of equipment, but definitely one with a lot of power and force, and certainly something you can get hurt with. 

Donny was working on the eaves and the doors, and I piped up: “I want to try!”

Well, did I have a good time! Very much like label-maker syndrome, I was power washing all the things: the curbs, the stones, the edge of the driveway. They are clean AF. 

I was covered in mud and soaked but loved it! (Insert “Tim the Toolman” grunt)

Give the girls the power tools, let us take them for a spin.

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