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September 03, 2020

What’s your talent?

Who remembers buying a 110 camera at McDonald’s in the 90s? Or developing hundreds of photos —with doubles— after a vacation?!

For as long as I can remember, I have been in front or behind a camera and, what can I say?, I love it. 

It kind of makes me think my education, my career and even my business have been serendipitous. Goosebumps. 

While I’m not a trained photographer, when I pick up a camera to shoot photos or video, I get totally carried away — and that means I’m doing something right. I love creating, changing angles, staging and making a story memorable through pictures. 

I’ve been fortunate to meet many “real” photographers who’ve guided me, allowed me to shadow them and ask questions, and for that I’m always grateful. There’s a unique beauty in creativity: the more you share, the more you create, the better everyone becomes. 

So, in the spirit of collaboration and creativity, I want to know what talent you have and how we can help each other grow and succeed. And if you want to work together, hit me up! 

Special thanks to my hubby who more often than not, is my personal photographer!

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