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December 21, 2020

Win a Coco's Pet Kitchen Gift Certificate!

Is there something under the tree for your pet? Maybe a bone in their stocking?

Before you all roll your eyes at me: yes, we get Rex a little gift every year, and yes, he has a stocking.

For many (if not most) pet owners, our dogs are a part of our family and hold a special place in our hearts. I can definitely tell when Rex is happy or tired, scared or super excited. 

If you want to get a gift your dog will LOVE -- I mean, bark and shake with excitement love -- give him or her the gift of Coco's Pet Kitchen.
Coco's Pet Kitchen is a brand of real (cooked) food for your pet. We know exactly what's inside as each meal is made with real ingredients we know, and can eat ourselves. We -- and Rex -- have been BIG fans of Coco's for the last year or so, and I kid you not: this dog is super happy with his meals. 

In fact, we joke that he can tell time because by 5:30 pm he's crying at the fridge, saying: "Mom! Dad! I'm hungryyyyyy...!" Just like the kids.

Coco's Pet Kitchen is a Vaughan-based business and their food is hand-made and hand-delivered to your home. That means you don't even have to leave your house. The prepared meals are delivered fresh, but you can definitely freeze and thaw as you need.

Coco's Pet Kitchen has given Rex two gift certificates -- and we want to share them with you. (Well, I do -- if I tell him I gave away his favourite food, he'll be mad!)

In the spirit of the holidays and supporting a local business, I want to give you the opportunity to try Coco's Pet Kitchen for yourself. 

Visit my Instagram and follow the instructions to enter. Contest closes December 23 at 9 pm. Winner will be notified via DM. The contest is not affiliated with facebook or Instagram. 

Start your pup's new year off right with delicious meals delivered right to your front door. If you want to order NOW for your January 2021 delivery, visit for more details.

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