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February 24, 2021

Pink Shirt Day Everyday

Today is Pink Shirt Day. The kids went to school with their pink tees, and will likely be reminded about bullying and the consequences bullying can have on a person's life.

In my house, pink shirt day is every day -- and not cause I have a lot of pink shirts (which I do) -- but because we practice and promote leading with kindness every single day.

I frequently ask my girls who they play with in the school yard and remind them that it's important to be kind to one another. If we see someone hurt or being made fun of, they need to report it. And we never taunt someone for the way they look, talk, dress or act.

I'm sure many of us (myself included) have been a victim of a bully or bullies. I wasn't the cool kid growing up, didn't have lots of friends, wasn't very popular. Not much changed. There are new forms of bullies -- trolls online, others who say hurtful things to purposely cause harm or bring you down. I am triggered by watching mean characters in tv shows or movies. Funny bullies are not cool, either.

Only now I have a platform, and I'm grateful people on these channels pay attention.  

Don't be a bully, and if you see a bully -- especially if it's your child -- extinguish their flame.  

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