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August 13, 2021

Fireplace -- yay or nay?

Let’s talk about Fireplaces in the dead of summer, shall we?

What are your thoughts on fireplaces – do you like them? Do you have a gas insert or an electric firebox in your home? Anyone with a super traditional chimney and wood-burning fireplace?

We’ve had gas inserts in our home since we bought the house – and never turn them on!. Here’s the thing though: I LOVE the look of a fireplace, and more specifically, a mantel. 

Having a mantel in our new reno was at the top of my list. I wanted a traditional look so when it comes to the holidays, I can display my stocking and garland and sit by the “fire”.

You may recall I had a beautiful reclaimed wood mantel, and while I loved it, it wasn’t deep enough to hold our holiday d├ęcor – and it frustrated me every year.

Taking a trip to Improve Canada allowed us to see hundreds of fireplaces and mantels. We visited GTA Heating where we learned about the differences between gas and electric (from how much heat it can create in your home to price to size, etc), and were able to turn them all on to look at the colour of the flame to the rocks and logs, etc.

There are so many options, from modern to traditional – and I won’t spoil the surprise, but we ended up choosing something that was not part of our original plan!

We also stopped in at Omega Mantels, which has a showroom at Improve, as well as in Vaughan. There, we compared styles, colours and materials to create a cast fireplace surround – and mantel.

You’ll need to follow along the reno to see the final result!

Never been to Improve? Looking for expert design tips and advice? You're just in luck! Renovate It Right with Improve Canada on Thursday, August 26 where you will have the chance to visit and shop the vendor showrooms, listen to experts discuss design tips and trends for the coming year, and learn how to Renovate It Right with Mike Holmes and Mike Jr. —it doesn't get better than that. Learn more and register for their event here

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