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September 21, 2021

You're LIVING through a Renovation!?

If you follow me on social media, you know that we are doing a major home reno. This is something we have been talking about and saving for years, and while Covid didn't really convince us, the time spent at home definitely solidified the idea of creating more efficient spaces in our home.

You may also know we're living through our renovation. We moved out temporarily this summer while the upstairs ceiling was being done (yes we did work upstairs, too), but we are living and sleeping here during the main floor work.

Every day, someone says:
"You're LIVING in it?!" Yes.
"You're BRAVE."  Not really.
"Do you have a kitchen in the basement?" Nope.
"How are you DOING it!?" Well, let me tell you our rationale.

This is our home. Donny and I are very hands-on people and have been in every conversation from beams to trim to spindles and chandeliers.  It was important for us to be here, on-site.

We HAVE a home. We have a roof and a/c and heat. We have beds to sleep in and hot water to shower. I don't have a stove or an oven, but I do have a slow cooker and microwave and bbq.  

Is it a bit uncomfortable? Sure. But we're managing, and managing well.

From meal prep to workstations, we have found a way to work and live through the construction. Our designer and contractor tarped our main floor to prevent too much dust from getting upstairs and are understanding and respectful of our space. Together, we're a little team through this reno and I'm glad for that.

We're not the first ones to live through a renovation and we won't be the last. Many people around the world live through much tougher conditions. We are privileged to have a home -- and I'm certain it will be worth the wait. 

All this to say: it's working for us. If you moved out during a reno because it's what you needed to do, that's good, too -- there's no right way. 

PS -- An hour after taking this photo, we got word of another delay. Just like a reality show. It'll still be worth it.

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