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October 26, 2021

Leaving Our Mark

I always love when people renovate and they find a little piece of history. Since our home was built in the 90s, we knew we weren’t likely going to find any newspaper clippings and historical gems — the sandwich in the wall doesn’t count! 

So we decided to leave OUR mark. 

Many people have asked us since we’re investing in an extensive home renovation if this will be our forever home. 

And it very well may be. Or it may not. 

Over the years, and for a variety of reasons, I’ve focused less on forever and more on the not-so-distant future. We have so many goals and dreams, and part of the plan is bringing those visions to life so we can enjoy them — now. 

And that’s why we’re leaving our mark (literally). If one day, another family rips up the hardwood floor, or maybe if we replace it years (many years) down the line, there will be a little piece of history revealed. 

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