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November 19, 2021

One of the Most Important Things I've Learned Since Starting My Business

"I'm not quite understanding that; can you explain further?"
"What's your rationale?"
"Break it down for me, please?"
"Help me understand."
"Can you draw it out for me?"

When I started my business nearly 4 years ago,  a lot of people, primarily men, tried to talk above me, making me feel stupid, silly, inadequate -- essentially dismissing me. 

They said things like: "this is the way it is", or "that's impossible", or "there's lots of information online," without ever taking time to explain. 

I got frustrated. 

I got upset. 

But I didn't give up. 

Instead, I found people who wanted to help me and continued to push and ask questions, empowering myself with the knowledge I needed to move forward. 

Here's the thing: you don't know what you don't know. And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. 

But, there's also NOTHING wrong with asking for help, clarity, understanding. And those questions above? Those are some of my favourites. 

Today, I take this learning with me every single day, in every aspect of my life, including my own marriage. 

This also goes for banking, taxes, law, medicine, construction -- anything you (or in my case, me) may have trouble with. If I don't understand something, I ask for clarification. I don't accept a straight no, and if you tell me something is impossible, there's a good chance we won't work well together. 

My advice: 
  • Be confident in your decisions, and in your choices. 
  • Don't make blind decisions because you feel pressured or inadequate. And lastly, surround yourself with people who empower you, inspire you, make you stronger and who genuinely want to help. 

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