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October 16, 2010

A Knit in Time....Socks!

Knitting season is back!! I started knitting 2 years ago with some friends from work and since then, have created many scarves and blankets and a few ill-shaped hats. This year, I've decided to take up socks and mittens! I'm a fan of Unwind Yarn House in Newmarket. Wendy is a doll and is very patient with all her students. They recently moved to a larger store on Main Street Newmarket (only one unit up from the previous location)

Last night, I had my first sock class. It needs to be noted that knitting socks also requires using double pointed needles, which is a feat in itself. Luckily for me, I started the sock just fine on my own, yippee!

The problem hit when I got to the class and I was messing up everywhere! I kept having to rip out work and start again - which, for a knitter is terribly frustrating. I finally got the knack of it and have a semi-complete sock. I have some more homework and next week, class number 2, where I learn how to shape the toe!

Start placing your Christmas orders!!

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