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October 17, 2010

Soup Fest!!

It was the perfect day for soup. A beautiful sunny, fall day with a bit of chill. And thanks to my friend, Marlene MacPherson, I had a few VIP passes to SoupFest in Bradford.

Well, I wasn't the only one excited. Hundreds showed up to sample soups from homemakers, restaurants and students. We arrived around noon, just in time for the restaurants to start their sampling. And boy did we have our fill! Carrot soup, beet soup, consomme, potato, purple carrot soup! The main stipulation was that the ingredients used in the soup had to come from the Holland Marsh, so it was a truly local event, which I love.

In all, we probably sampled about 20 different soups. Each one had its own intricacies and flavours. My top favourites: the purple carrot soup (which was actually made by a homemaker - not a chef), the Borscht, and the Organic Tomato Soup with Chicken Mousse from The Club at Bond Head.

This was our Spooner mug! A mug with a spoon attached - brilliant!

Sampling some of Bradford's finest soup makers!

We were warm after our soup tasting!

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