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November 01, 2010


After a great afternoon at the Flavours of Vaughan, it was time to prepare for Halloween!

First things first: it was time to decorate the pumpkins.

I designed the pumpkins and Donny carved while I roasted the pumpkin seeds! The pumpkin on the right was actually a sick pumpkin. The throw-up was added afterward :) Then it was time to get Rex into his costume! After a week of wearing a cone, he was game for another accessory!

Rex in his skeleton t-shirt

Despite the brisk cold weather, we had about 85 trick-or-treaters! Everything from pirates to princesses to rock stars and teddy bears. Rex also enjoyed greeting all the kiddies, too. Halloween night was also a busy one - in addition to answering the door - because I was able to finish my first pair of knit socks! 
Me, modelling my socks!
I took my first sock knitting class a few weeks ago and voila! 2 charcoal grey wool socks. 
They actually match!
They are super warm and pretty comfy. Now it's time to start some other projects, which is good, because on Tuesday night, I start my mittens class. I take all my classes at Unwind Yarn House in Newmarket.


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