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November 02, 2010

Purdy's Chocolate Taste Tester!!

About a week ago, I applied to be a Purdy's Chocolate Taste Tester - I know, so cool!

Then, I got an email:

"Congratulations! You are part of the chosen group out of the hundreds of emails we received! What can we say ~ your taste buds were very persuasive!

Over the next week, each of you will receive a box of our decadent Mayan Collection. This collection of milk, white and dark chocolate with a smooth centre and slight toffee crunch, was created in our factory kitchen in Vancouver, BC. Each Mayan has a distinct flavour – including a peanut butter centre, a pistachio centre, almond butter centre and a cappuccino centre. It has been a part of our offering for about a year and is quickly gaining popularity.

Along with your box of chocolates, you will receive a survey and a prepaid return envelope. We’d appreciate your honest feedback when answering the survey. Please complete the survey while enjoying your chocolates, so your taste buds don’t have to try and recall the tastes!"

And then yesterday, a small box was in my mailbox containing the new Mayan Collection from Purdy's Chocolates! Each chocolate is beautifully shaped. I didn't dig into them last night, but I'll have to start sampling soon. The chocolates don't have any preservatives in them, so the shelf life isn't as long as most chocolates. Fine by me. I have until November 19 to sample and survey! I'll let you know how they are as I start tasting!


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