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January 24, 2011

And that's what resolutions are for, right?

So it's January 24 and I haven't made good on many of my New Year's Resolutions. Big surprise. But, it has been a busy few weeks - here's what I've been up to!

1. Producing and Hosting

In the Know is a new show that we've launched at Rogers TV - and I'm the host! Our first show was on Wednesday, January 19. The show is live each Wednesday evening from 6-7 p.m. Each week, we tackle a different topic and a different guest joins me to answer viewer questions. Our first guest was the lovely Angela Dacey, Personal Development Expert. Angela teaches about The Healing Power of Colour and how colour affects our lives and our moods. It was a very educational hour and I'm happy that my home and life are full of different colours. I hope yours are, too.

Me and Angela after our first show!
Next week, we welcome Naturopathic Doctor, formulator for VitaTree Nutritionals, and author of the bestselling book, The Healthy Millionaire - Dr. Janine Bowring. Janine and I will be discussing toxins, foods, cleanses, nutrition, organs and a whole lot more. Call in with your questions on Wednesday! 1-866-715-1010.
2. Knitting

It has been a busy few weeks of knitting for me! I bought some lovely yarns on Boxing Day at Unwind and have been eager to start knitting some cool projects. I finished my triangle scarf/shawl last week. It's beautiful and very warm - luxuriously so.

Me in my triangle scarf
Then, I wanted to try something different. I bought this great green yarn that's chunky and easy to knit with. I wanted to make a cowl, but this turned out to be an infinity scarf, which I'm happy about anyway! According to Angela Dacey (see above), green means harmony. 

My celery green infinity scarf

3. Demolition

I didn't like our kitchen's backsplash. And I needed more light for when I was cooking. We don't have valance lighting, or crown moulding. And then there's that yucky backsplash. It's DIY time! Donny and I watch so much DIY, it was time to put all those hours of TV watching to good use.

So, the kitchen reno has begun. Last week, we started tearing out our ugly backsplash. Of course, we damaged the drywall underneath, so that evolved into replacing drywall as well.

After two hours at Lowe's on Saturday, we bought new drywall (to replace the old one), some electrical cable (to wire the new under cabinet lighting) and some electrical boxes (to house the new stainless steel switches). We worked all day yesterday, and were completely exhauted by the end of the day. Unfortunately, right now, it looks worse than when we started. Big mess everywhere, holes in the wall, no power and virtually no appliances. Luckily, we plan on having all the drywall fixed by this weekend, and then it's a trip to the handy Steeles Paint to get a lesson on how to paint our kitchen cabinets. And then FINALLY, we'll put the new backsplash in. I'll make sure to photojournal along the way. I swear, someone should make this into a show. Donny and I are trying to do most of it ourselves - and we're succeeding so far! I'm a mean drywall scraper - I'll tell you that!

4. Empire State of Mind

My sister and I are taking my mom to NYC this March for the first time, so I've been busy playing travel agent. Lots of stuff to see and do, food to eat, shows to see and shops to visit. I'm on it!

That's what I've been up to! Busy's an understatement, but enjoying every minute of it!



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