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January 31, 2011

Another weekly post

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope everyone is staying warm - another snowstorm is on its way, which makes me remember the wonderful snow days of yester-year. Drive safely and slowly.

It seems whenever I think about my favourite things about winter, it has to do with food. I'm not a snow-bunny or even a shovel-the-snow bunny. This weekend, my family and I made homemade sausages and salami.

They're not good for us, pack in tons of salt and fat, but hey, it's a tradition and there's something to be said about continuing on family traditions. So this Saturday, armed with string, a sewing needle, steady hands, good meat and casings, we took to making the 2011 batch.

We joke about this production each year. I usually have the job of the "pricker". Using the sewing needle, I pop out all the air so the salami and sausages cure. It's an integral part of the production line! This year, for whatever reason, I was promoted to meat presser and got to actually put the meat in the machine - a job my dad has held for many, many years. He tied the string, while my mom maintained quality control (no one does it better) and my sister has the prestigious role of holding the sausage. It's probably the most important and crucial job and she does it every year. Again, in terms of seniority, she jumped the line, but whatever.

After a few hours, we were left with about 20 salami and just as many sausages. Yesterday, we hung them  - with care - in the cantina, where they will dry out and preserve. I can't wait to try them!


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  1. Its so great to see the tradition is still alive. I love to see that some of us see the true importance of a great art that maybe not so great for our health but in moderation everything is good. The best part of it all is spending the day together where the entire family is involved in this craft. One day of hard work, laughs and sometimes a little yelling is all for the enjoyment of putting it in our bellies.

    Rose Arangio (Stagionista)


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