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May 02, 2011

Jewellery that Heals?

You never know who you'll meet in the Twitterverse. A few days ago, a company called Tiny Devotions (@tinydevotions) started following me on twitter (@juliasuppa).

They are a Canadian-based company that makes mala beads. According to their website:

"Mala beads are sacred necklaces that have been worn for thousands of years in traditions of yoga, Buddhism and Hinduism. These necklaces are made with 108 (Plus one additional guru stone) beads being a very sacred or auspicious number. Known to bring good luck, good energy, healing, health and fortune to its wearers."

The prayer beads look similar to a rosary or even Greek komboloi and are traditionally used in mantra meditation. I'd never even heard of malas until e-meeting Tiny Devotions, but doing a quick Google search revealed a deep rooted history and tradition.

As for Tiny Devotions, their unique statement pieces are made in Canada, with sacred Rudraksha seeds from Bali combined with beautiful semi precious crystals and pearls. The company makes various malas, and each is made with a different intention. The mala receives and emits energy, and the company says it should be used every day for the first 40 days to sync with your personal energy.

Normally, I'm not one for sacred or spiritual jewellery, but the thought of wearing a piece of jewellery with so much significance is kind of cool, don't you think? And if they do have the power to bring strength, health, inspiration - I don't think that's a bad thing either. When I chatted with Personal Development Expert, Angela Dacey on In the Know, she told me my personality test revealed I scored lowest in the spiritual chakra. Was this destiny?

I have yet to purchase my own mala, but they do retail for just over $100 on their website. Here are my top three faves:

The Turquoise Ocean Mala

I was immediately drawn to this mala, as turquoise is one of my favourite stones. And lucky for me, I suppose. Turquoise promotes communication and healing, and it's a protective stone that provides solace for the spirit. It's also a purification stone promoting balance and alignment of your chakras.

The Black Onyx Mala

This mala is a beaut. It's striking and glam - and very me - with the black and white. Black Onyx, though, is a stone of strength and can provide self-confidence and mastering one's destiny.

The White Jade Highest Potential Mala

How beautiful is this one? According to Tiny Devotions, this mala will help you achieve your highest potential. It helps concentration and unwanted distractions, and aides in emotional balance.

Personally, I love the simple white stone. It's fresh and inspiring.

Don't they all sound special? Cleaning the malas is also very important, apparently, but these jewels need specific treatment, whether it be leaving the malas out in the sunshine or moonlight, or cleansing through vibration or reiki.

You never know who you'll meet - or what you'll learn - online.


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