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May 05, 2011

The Quest for Nonno's Coffee Cake

When we were kids, most Saturday nights were reserved for dinner and coffee at Nonno's house, and each Saturday night, we'd share an Entenmann's Coffee Cake.

We'd usually have cheese filled, or lemon, and sometimes, we'd have a raspberry filled cake. (I remember not liking the raspberry so I always took the end of the cake so I didn't get any raspberry goo) The long, rectangular cakes were always drizzled with a white icing sugar and we ate it cold, with our coffee. Some dunked, others didn't. It was sweet - but not too sweet - and sugary and so, so good!

A few weeks ago, at Easter, all my aunts, uncles and cousins were at my house and we were reminiscing about the Nonno Coffee Cake.

All my cousins at my house! Missing: Alex!

So, there started the Quest for Nonno's Coffee Cake. The cake used to be purchased at Highland Farms in North York, but apparently, Highland Farms doesn't carry it anymore. We googled the company, my sister emailed them, I tweeted them. Still no reply. Below is a photo of the cake in question:

Entenmann's Cheese Danish Twist

It's called a Cheese Danish Twist, and it's made by Entenmann's. I haven't seen it at my neighbourhood Longo's for Fortino's, and sources (my aunts and uncles) tell us it's not available at Concord Foods or Highland Farms. If anyone knows where to find Nonno's Coffee Cake, please let me know!


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