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June 14, 2012

DIY Nursery Letters

I'm a sucker for a good craft. A while ago, I saw an episode of Sarah's House where Sarah Richardson (who I LOVE btw) designed a nursery with big letters as a ceiling border. When I found out I was pregnant, I remembered that nursery and decided I wanted to try and do it myself.

I purchased the letters - which are all birch - from a company called Bouncing off the Walls, based out of Alberta. You can definitely purchase them at any craft store, but the majority I found were made of MDF and I wanted them out of wood. Plus, it's always great to support a Canadian company :) (P.S.: if you don't want to DIY, Bouncing off the Walls sells alphabet packs already painted)

So, originally I wanted to do the border around the ceiling like Sarah, but some of the letters are 16-20 inches high! Instead, I decided to make the long wall a focal point, with the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-9 and 0. 

After a quick prime, we were ready for paint. We used regular 'ol Benjamin Moore wall paint - not craft acrylic paint. And we used a roller and brush. After 2 coats, it was time to decorate! Some letters were hand decorated and glittered, but most were embellished with stickers and decals that I purchased.

The entire job requires lots of patience. None of the steps are particularly difficult, but they are time consuming. Just a heads up!

Overall, I'm so thrilled with how the letters and numbers turned out and Isabelle stares at them every time she gets changed. Definitely a great and easy way to make a large splash in a nursery without a) spending too much money and b) the baby growing out of it too soon.

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  1. They look awesome! Just came across this tonight. Love the numbers too. Thanks for the mention!


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