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June 15, 2012

Product Review: Peg Perego Compact Switch Modular System

I'm a "system" type of person. I like things that match, are in order, organized - typical type-A. So when my mom and I went to the Babytime Show in October 2011, we discovered the Peg Perego Compact Switch Modular System.

Let me back up by saying I was newly pregnant at the time. The show was overwhelming to say the least, with thousands of baby things and gadgets, bottles and onesies. Of course, every stroller manufacturer was there, with UPPAbaby getting a prime spot just above the escalators to Peg Perego in the centre of the large  convention.

We listened intently to all of the demonstrations, taking a few for a spin around the hallway. Some are real beauties - the UPPAbaby and the bugaboo both get my votes for sexy-looking strollers that's for sure! And some come with a pretty hefty price tag, too.

When we went to the Peg area, we learned about this new-ish modular system that contains all the pieces you need - or want! The car seat, the stroller seat, the bassinet (which I loved), a diaper bag, bassinet stand AND stroller chassis! I loved it right away. And since my mom used Peg Perego when I was a baby - 30 years ago - it got her seal of approval too.

I chose Pois Grey (as displayed above). Overall, I love the system. The car seat, although a bit on the heavy side, is durable and really keeps baby secure. The representative explained that while some manufacturers use plastic inside the car seat, Peg uses metal, apparently making it safer in the case of a car accident. I hope to never experience that, but peace of mind is priceless for a new parent.

My favourite snap-on feature of the system has got to be the bassinet. It's spacious and luxurious. It is also quite heavy - even without baby in it - but provides a nice space for baby to nap in during our walks around the neighbourhood.

The stroller chassis does sit quite low, in comparison to other strollers on the market. At first, I thought this was a great thing, especially since I'm only 5'1", but I can see how this can be inconvenient for some people. The telescoping handle-gribs are a lifesaver, though, when dad's driving. One of the best features of the design though, is how the stroller chassis folds up like an umbrella stroller. It's super compact, easy to lift, open and close. 

Peg Perego is Made In Italy, and like all fine Italian products, they excel in design and detail. I love the detail Peg puts in its system - from the cup holder to the snack tray, boot cover and peek-a-boo areas in the bassinet and stroller seat. It would be nice to have a hidden sunshade - like the UPPAbaby, for sunny walks, but I'm sure this can be retrofitted for future generations of the system. The only other thing I think the stroller can improve upon is a larger, and more accessible, storage area. This goes hand-in-hand with the low-sitting seat, but it's often difficult to put much underneath the stroller. Not a huge deal, but an area for improvement. 

And so, with that, I say the Peg Perego Compact Switch Modular System is Simply Suppa.




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