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January 28, 2013

1, 2, 3, 4: Tell the people what she wore

She wore a super-covered, big all over, solid black one-piece suit? OK it doesn't rhyme but you get the hint.

Bathing suit shopping. I don't know very many women who actually enjoy bathing suit shopping, but it's just another one of those things we have to do. Especially if you haven't seen the sun in more than 6 months; especially if you haven't worked out (like really worked out) in longer; especially if in the last year, you've been pregnant, have delivered and have taken care of a newborn; especially if you think back to those awesome suits you used to own and can't even think to squeeze into them.

In the last two weeks, I bought two new bathing suits --practical mom-suits--good for taking the LO to swimming lessons. They work - they fit, they look ok and they were the right price. Best of all, I didn't even need to try them on at the store - I bought them, tried them on, and by golly! they fit.

That got me thinking - would I fit into my bathing suits from before I had the baby? I know this could have been a terrible idea, but I risked it. Out came all my two-pieces, strings, ruffles and all. I tried them all on, one at a time. Of course, my Hawaiian honeymoon suits didn't stand a chance, and automatically went back into their drawer, but to my very pleasant surprise, quite a few still fit from before my pregnancy.

Here's the thing: they don't look the same as they did pre-baby, and I'm ok with that. My body may never be "the same" as it once was, but I have a lot to show for it. I may indeed bring some of these pre-preggers suits with me on an impending beach vacay; sure, they're not the most slimming, not the most "mom-like", not the tummy tuckers, bust enhancers, and so forth - and they may show that hey, this woman has a baby - but there's nothing I'm more proud of.


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