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February 28, 2013

Choco-Nutella: You'll Love It

Those who know me well know I love my nutella. Honestly, what's better than nutella? As most Italo-Canadians did, I pretty well grew up with this silky hazelnut spread. It was a go-to lunch (when schools weren't nut-free), afternoon snack and it still holds a great place in my heart.

When I was pregnant, I craved nutella. Hard. I would literally take a spoon and eat it out of the jar. Don't judge - you know you've done it too. In Italy, it's not absurd to have nutella with a piece of toast for breakfast, and despite the recent Nutella lawsuit against the "healthy breakfast" claims, there's nothing quite like it. No, it's probably not THAT good for you, but I love it anyway.

Which brings me to my post today. Choco-Nutella. It's hot chocolate, made with nutella. Yes. It's that good. Swoon. On a cold, snowy day like today, a cup of choco-nutella will hit the spot - I promise.

What You Need:

- nutella (duh)
- milk
- saucepan

Heat a cup (per person) of milk in a saucepan. When the milk starts to bubble, add one tablespoon of nutella per person. I like my tablespoons heaping. :) Continue to stir the milk until all the nutella has melted away. The milk should be hot. Voila! You're done. So easy, right?

Pour the choco-nutella into a mug and enjoy! Be careful not to burn your tongue. Garnish options: a few baby marshmellows are aways nice, OR you can put a bit more nutella on a spoon and place into the choco-nutella for an added umph.

Cheers to a choco-nutella-y afternoon.


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  1. That sounds delicious! We will definitely be trying this. Thanks for the recipe!


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