PTPA Spring 2013 Award Winners

by - Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm proud to be a PTPA Blogaholic. PTPA stands for Parent Tested, Parent Approved, so not only do I get to test the occasional product, I'm also a featured Blogaholic on the PTPA website.

Seasonally, PTPA releases their list of Award Winners - that is, a compilation of products that gets the PTPA seal of approval. If you're buying a product that has this seal, it's an endorsement from moms all over the country, and beyond.

This season, I had the opportunity to review the Surviving Infancy DVD. It was a 2 part DVD set that offered a thorough explanation of all things baby: everything from SIDS to ear infections to dangerous hazards. The two doctors were informative and accessible and not at all boring. It's a great reference for all parents, whether you're a first timer like me, or not. I gave this product a great review, and I wasn't the only one - it made this season's list of winners!

For a full list of the Spring 2013 Award Winners, click here.

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