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April 12, 2013

Belly Banter Review

Like any baby, when they're first born, you take photographs. Lots of photographs. Tens. Hundreds, Thousands. I'm not joking.

Especially when it's your first child, you capture every moment. The first day, the first bath, the first sleep in the crib, smile, roll, etc. Something I also did was take a shot of Isabelle every single week while she was in the NICU, to see how big she was getting, and then every month in the nursery chair.

Sometimes, as mommy brain sets in, you forget these milestones or dates. Here's where Belly Banter helps. Belly Banter is a company that makes monthly and milestone stickers for your babe.

They're a recent PTPA Award Winner, which, in itself, means they're awesome!

I was able to review 2 sets of Belly Banters, but they also make stickers for moms-to-be, which is so fun!

These stickers are great - they come in a package of 15 for $14.99, which works out to $1/sticker.

The monthly stickers come in Girl/Boy/Neutral and make a great gift for an expecting mom, or for a brand new baby.

You just pop the sticker onto a plain white onesie and your child is labelled.

I especially love the milestone stickers. With sayings like "I can sit" and "Lookin' Good", you'll be able to capture milestones in your child's life and look back and remember. Presto! So, what happens if you don't have the sticker when you're out and about and a milestone happens?? No problemo. In addition to using the Belly Banter stickers for photographing milestones, I really like them for scrapbooking or for my babe's photo album. You can put the sticker beside the photo of a particular milestone. I also think it would be fun to frame a milestone photo with the sticker in the frame. You can make a mini collage wall with them!

In addition to the Milestone Stickers, Belly Banter also makes a Holiday Collection, too. Great for all the occasions throughout the year.

I can't wait to use all the Milestone Stickers in my Belly Banter set. You can order a set for yourself or your friends at


  1. I love these and wish they'd been around when my kids were young. No baby books for my kids - oops. My daugter's first year is pretty well documented but my son's (second child) is not. These would make fantastic gifts at a shower!

  2. So cute!
    I keep saying I'll make scrapbooks for my boys - better get on that before I forget all those amazing memories!

  3. I'm the same as Creative Mama. My daughter's first year is pretty well documented with milestone met etc but my son... all the photos and notes I have are in a box. These would definitely make scrapbooking easier.


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