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April 11, 2013

Product Review: Binki Bear

Some people call it a soothie, a soosie, a binki, a chuchi - whatever you call it, many babies love their pacifier. Including mine. Before my babe was born, I was a bit uneasy with using a pacifier; I was afraid she'd be dependent on it, have crooked teeth, etc. Well, imagine my surprise when I went to visit my 30-weeker in the NICU the morning after she was born to find a huge pacifier in her tiny little mouth.

"She's sucking," the nurse told me proudly. That was a good thing, I was told. So we went with it, and she loved her pacifier. To this day, she loves it. I try and only use it when she's tired or sick and she quickly learned how to put it in and out of her mouth. She plays with it, bites it, throws it - you get the picture.

So I was really excited to review the Binki Bear - this is a bear that holds a pacifier! It's used as a weaning instrument. As the baby gets ready to wean from the pacifier, you slowly remove it from the bear and they can cuddle the bear, without soothing themselves. 

The Binki Bear retails for about $15, which isn't bad, in my opinion. It works best with traditional style pacifiers (the ones with the pull). My daughter only uses the Soothie brand, and while Binki is supposed to work with all pacifiers, I found it really hard to get the strap into the Soothie hole, and then distracting for her to use the pacifier.

Still, I think it's a neat little toy, it's easy to wash and is super cuddly. I'm sure many kids will love it.

Disclosure: I am a PTPA Blogaholic and occasionally receive products for review purposes. The opinions on my blog remain my own.

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